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COVID-19 and Social Care

COVID-19 and Social Care: My Story Sandhurst Day Centre in Bracknell Forest Charlie was 81 when he had his stroke.  He was standing by his front door watching the stars as he did every evening Read more…

Member Article: What is Liberalism?

What’s in a name? Liberals, Neoliberals and Libertarians This article was submitted by a Bracknell Forest Liberal Democrat member. Liberals, neoliberals, and libertarians – three little words that mean completely different things. Confusing, eh? As Read more…

Your Local Team

Liberal Democrat Councillors and campaigners working hard across all areas of Bracknell Forest

Cllr Thomas Parker

Wildridings & Central

A lifelong Bracknell resident, Thomas represents the Liberal Democrats on Bracknell Forest Borough Council and Bracknell Town Council.

Cllr Mark Vandersluis

Little Sandhurst

A Little Sandhurst resident with his wife, Mark represents the Liberal Democrats on Sandhurst Town Council

Mike Forster

Local Party Chair

Mike has run the local party since 2017 and has been a long term resident of Sandhurst with his wife and two children.

Kaweh Beheshtizadeh

Kaweh Beheshtizadeh

Parliamentary Spokesperson

Former refugee and award winning human rights lawyer, Kaweh represented the Bracknell Liberal Democrats at the 2019 General Election

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