Your local Liberal Democrats are standing on a platform of being listening, caring and competent. You can see the key commitments that we are making to residents in Bracknell Forest below:


Bracknell Forest Council lacks true opposition – it has been a one-party affair for too long and it?s time we did something to shine a light on how the Tories are spending your Council Tax.

Without a proper opposition the level of scrutiny is just not carried out, the necessary checks and balances to make sure our money is spent wisely won?t happen.

Electing Liberal Democrat Councillors will challenge this status quo and will do their best to ensure that Council decisions are properly scrutinised.


The Council has spent millions investing outside of our community; this is wrong. The Tory Council has bought shopping centres in Lincoln, offices in Sheffield & Eastleigh, and a distribution centre in Stowmarket.

We believe in investing in our community here in Bracknell Forest first. We?re campaigning to rejuvenate neighbourhood shopping centres across Bracknell Forest. We must ensure the regeneration of Bracknell town centre doesn?t leave our local area behind.

If elected we will fight to ensure that any new commercial investments prioritise Bracknell Forest and our area first.


Over the past 18 months, the Liberal Democrats have been leading the fight for better street lighting. The Council?s ?7m LED project resulted in inadequate lighting conditions across the borough and a subsequent increase in crimes such as theft from vans.

Our campaign has forced the Council to concede that a second phase of the project is required to address residents? concerns about poor lighting.

If elected we promise to keep up this fight on your behalf and ensure that no unlit stairways or unsafe courtyards remain in our community.


Over the past two years, the Conservatives have implemented first a 5.99% and a subsequent 2.99% rise in Council Taxes whilst at the same time cutting spending on vital local services such as Sandhurst Day Centre.

By electing Liberal Democrat Councillors, you will ensure that there is more challenge over major spending decisions, proposed Council Tax rises and service cuts.

If elected we will fight for local services like our library to ensure that residents are not being disadvantaged by the deep and destructive spending cuts of the National Government.


For too long developers building in Bracknell Forest have run rings around the Council and the number of genuinely affordable houses in local developments remains low.

This creates a lack of spaces for our young people to move into, with many choosing to leave the borough in order to find more affordable alternatives.

If elected, Liberal Democrat Councillors will fight hard to ensure that developments and planning applications with insufficient numbers of affordable houses are rejected. We will also ensure that residents are kept more in the loop about developments in their area so that we can ensure their voices are being heard.


Your local Liberal Democrats have been leading a number of litter picks across the borough and we believe in looking after our community. We’re very luck to live in an area with as much natural beauty as Bracknell Forest but we believe that we have a commitment to keep it that way.

Our Councillors in Finchampstead created an ‘Adopt Your Street’ system. This brings residents together and provide them with free equipment in order to look after their corner of Bracknell – encouraging little communities of local litter warriors. If elected we’ll fight to bring this system to Bracknell Forest.

We are also dedicated to fighing for better and expanded recycling services to be available at local neighbourhood centres to cover more types of recycling such as paper and food waste.


We?ve raised concerns regarding the Horseshoe Lake redevelopment plan – regarding the viability of the project and whether the local infrastructure will be able to cope.

Without a strong opposition on the Council, there is a major risk that concerns with the project will be ignored and that proper evaluation of the plans and full consideration of residents? concerns simply won?t happen.

Any Liberal Democrat Councillors elected in May will ensure that full and thorough scrutiny over the project is exercised at every step and will be a voice for our community.


Thanks to your local team working alongside residents we?ve helped to secure a ?Greening Project? on Downshire Way. We?re continuing to work with residents on getting this expanded to include fencing and hedging in areas at risk of air & noise pollution from the project.

We?ve also secured the opening of the gate between Old Bracknell Lane East & West to assist residents during the works.

We?ve got a solid record on fighting for transparency on Downshire Way and we will continue this effort if elected as your Councillors.

So now you know our local policies, it’s time to meet your local candidates