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Welcome to the Bracknell Lib Dems website.

All of the elected offices in the Bracknell Forest area have been run exclusively by the Tories for over 15 years, in that time public services in health, housing, transport, roads and in many other areas of responsibility have deteriorated or stagnated. To find out more, please read our Local Articles & News under Local Lib Dems in the above menu. Join us in our campaign to hold the local Conservative and Labour councillors and Tory MP to account for their failings and to get value for money in local government.


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We are the only local political party to regularly expose the failings and malpractice of our local politicians, here is a recent selection:

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  • Imogen Shepherd-DuBey - Liberal Democrats win here (Wokingham Liberal Democrats)
    Article: Feb 20, 2017
    By Wokingham Liberal Democrats

    Imogen Shepherd-DuBey says: "I would like to thank the residents of Emmbrook for voting overwhelmingly to help Stop the Conservative Rot last Friday, by electing me as their new councillor."

    Liberal Democrats 1575 (59.7%)
    Conservatives 879 (33.3%)

    UKIP 104 (3.9%)
    Labour 79 (3.0%)
    39.67% turnout
    (and 10 Spoilt Ballots)
  • Tim Farron Europe Referendum
    Article: Feb 9, 2017
    By Liberal Democrats Windsor Constituency

    Liberal Democrats in Windsor are calling upon the constituency's MP, Adam Afriyie, to resign over Brexit.

    In the European referendum in June 2016, the Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead voted convincingly to remain, whilst failing businessman Mr Afriyie strongly advocated Brexit.

    However, responding to a letter writing campaign organised by campaign group "Windsor for EU", Mr Afriyie mysteriously claimed that Windsor Constituency had voted to leave.

  • Imogen Shepherd-DuBeyand an Emmbrook Pot Hole (Property of thw Wokingham Liberal Democrats)
    Article: Jan 15, 2017
    By Wokingham Liberal Democrats

    Cllr Imogen Shepherd-Dubey, Liberal Democrat Town Councillor for Emmbrook South, has been selected by the party to fight the Wokingham Borough Council by-election on Friday February 17th.

    Imogen has been Town Councillor for Emmbrook South since 2015, and has a long record of campaigning for the people of Emmbrook. As she grew up and went to school in Emmbrook, she has a deep interest in the area.

  • Josephine Hanney
    Article: Nov 8, 2016
    By Jo Hanney

    Then I'll begin a tale of those who are almost invisible, the homeless.

    Homelessness has risen significantly over recent years with rough sleeping doubling since 2010. It is shocking that the average age of death of a street homeless person is 47! (81 years for the rest of us in England). The needs of the homeless are complex, but failing to prevent homelessness not only has a devastating effect on the individual, but also on our already overstretched and underfunded health and social care services and the criminal justice system, costing an estimated annual gross of £1 billion.

  • Grazeley
    Article: Oct 25, 2016
    By Wokingham Liberal Democrats

    Secret plans to build an extra 15,000 new houses in Grazeley have been drawn-up by local Conservative and Labour party chiefs.
    The aim - to impose a massive development stretching from the borders of Spencers Wood all the way to Mortimer.
    It would destroy a large swathe of countryside and "dump" an additional 35,000 people on the area.
    The bombshell proposals have been drawn up in strict secrecy by a group comprising of senior Conservatives from Wokingham and West Berkshire councils together with Labour-controlled Reading Borough.
    Also backing the move are Wokingham's Tory MP John Redwood and the Engelfield Estate controlled by Newbury's Conservative MP Richard Benyon.
    It would mean creating a colossal building site roughly one and half times the size of the Lower Earley development … which was, during its construction in the 1980-90's, the largest housing development in Western Europe.
    Details of the shock scheme have been revealed by Wokingham Liberal Democrat Councillor Clive Jones who warns: "All the green space between Reading, Burghfield and Mortimer will disappear under these plans."
    Mr Jones, also his party's local parliamentary spokesman, accused the three councils, the MPs plus major developers of attempting to deliberately conceal this huge project from the public.
    "I am amazed that they've tried to do this secretly and behind the backs of local people, the very people on whom the scheme will have a massive direct impact."
    Fears about the far-reaching consequences of the secret proposals have also alarmed Councillor Lindsay Ferris, the leader of the Lib Dem group on Wokingham Borough Council.
    " Back in the late 1990's Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott forced Wokingham to consider the development of over 20,000 houses in the Shinfield/Grazeley area. Back then the Conservatives campaigned against the development. Now they are planning to build all over this area, what hypocrisy. Do we really need to be having so much new development in the Borough.
    "Our existing road network won't be able to cope," predicted Cllr. Ferris.
    "This kind of development cannot happen without proper investment in infrastructure and massive improvements to what we already have.
    "This shows a total lack of respect for local residents … is this how local democracy should work?"asked Clive Jones.

  • heathrow plane noise
    Article: Oct 25, 2016

    The decision today to expand Heathrow will come as a fresh blow to East Berkshire residents. As Tim Farron has said it's a betrayal of environment and communities.

    The Heathrow decision has shown how the Government is out of touch with the very people they were supposed to serve especially our local MP's including the Prime Minister herself who has gone back on her own words.

  • Parking
    Article: Oct 7, 2016

    Ask Windsor residents what they like about living here and you're likely to hear about the sense of community, the sense of history and (aside from the planes above head), the tranquility and open space. However, ask what people don't like and parking comes pretty near to the top of the list.

    The simple fact is that most of Windsor's residential roads were built before cars ere even invented. We now have a situation where many families have more than one car. There just isn't the space. This means that residents are often left parking a substantial distance from their home or parking illegally. Ask whether the latter is acceptable, and whether fines should be enforced, and you're in for a heated debate!

  • Parliamentary Candidate for Windsor Constituency, George Fussey (Photo by Halid K Izzet, Rhubarb & Custard Photography, Eton)
    Article: Aug 17, 2016

    It is depressing when the adversarial style of politics which is such a feature of British democracy generates more heat than light. It all too often does. One reason for this is, I believe, the historical domination of politics by males. This has meant that frequently testosterone has rather too much say in determining our political behaviour and the tone of the debates that take place. The rudeness and boorish behaviour that I have experienced in the Council Chamber was not, on the numerous occasions I witnessed it, an edifying experience. So, at one level, at least, it seems to me that we should welcome Theresa May as our second woman Prime Minister. We need more women in politics and more women in top jobs. Her appointment should also remind us of how much more work we as a party must do to increase our own diversity so that we can better represent society as a whole. However, her previous record as Home Secretary is particularly illiberal and does not fill us with optimism when she talks about her 'one nation' aspirations.

  • Article: Jul 30, 2016

    Michael Caine reputedly said, "Not a lot of people know that." Now, there are many things of which this could be said but high on list would be the Windsor Liberal Club - or The Acre as it is also known.

    There has been a Liberal Club in Windsor for over one hundred and twenty seven years and for much of that time it has been at 4 Victoria Street, where it is currently This site is opposite the barracks and in front of Bachelor's Acre.

  • Overgrown grass (Wokingham Liberal Democrats)
    Article: Jul 25, 2016
    By Wokingham Liberal Democrats

    An embarrassed Tory councillor behind money saving plans to curb grass cutting across Wokingham borough has been forced to say sorry to the public.
    It follows widespread local anger at how road signs have become obscured and paths made impassable by a decision to stop mowing grass verges. As a result many communal areas where local residents take their children or walk their dogs have become unusable and in some places even dangerous.
    Local Liberal Democrats claimed the controversial verge-side policy was verging on madness and challenged the Conservative councillor responsible, Angus Ross, to apologise. Now those demands have finally been met with Cllr. Ross admitting at this month's (July) council meeting that his scheme had caused problems and he wanted to apologise to the public.
    This was welcomed by Lib Dem group deputy leader Council. Lindsay Ferris who after the meeting said if the grass cutting contract had been properly planned, most of the problems could have been avoided.
    "Responsibility lies with Cllr. Ross as it's his job to oversee the service" insisted Coun. Ferriis "However we're pleased he has recognised the need to apologise and now expect him to explain how he will ensure the contract is better managed in future. "Council officers who had to spend time and effort sorting out the grass-cutting problems deserve our thanks ... but they should not have had to do it."