The Bracknell Forest Liberal Democrats have submitted a formal question to the Executive Member for Planning and Transport regarding progress on highway maintenance and road repairs across the borough. A response from the Executive Member is expected at the Bracknell Forest Council Meeting to be held on 13 September 2023.

Liberal Democrat Councillor Philip Thompson, representing the Owlsmoor & College Town ward (Sandhurst), says:

“Numerous roads across the borough are currently in a dire condition, with potholes and other damage arising faster than our hard-working Highways Team can keep up.

Council officers and contractors do respond promptly when they are notified of potentially dangerous potholes, but residents’ lives are being blighted by increasingly dilapidated road surfaces, resulting in higher levels of traffic noise and risk of damage to vehicles. Patchwork repairs are only a short-term solution and many of our roads are now well in need of more significant re-surfacing works.

I am pleased to report recent re-surfacing works on a number of local roads in my ward, for which I have been campaigning since 2020, including Yeovil Road, College Close and part of Owlsmoor Road. However, we still have many roads that require urgent attention, for instance on Yorktown Road and College Road which are heavily trafficked bus routes.

It is particularly important that we tackle these issues now, before we move into the colder, wetter winter months which we know tend to exacerbate existing issues.”

Elsewhere in the borough Liberal Democrat efforts to catalogue potholes have been delivering results for residents.

Councillor Sophie Forster, who represents Swinley Forest Ward alongside fellow Liberal Democrat Councillor Patrick Smith, notes:

“Since being elected to represent the ward in May of this year, Councillor Smith and I have between us visited every single residential street in Martins Heron, The Warren and Forest Park. Whilst we’ve been there, we’ve been making comprehensive efforts to log and report hundreds of individual potholes for repair works by the Highways Team.

We’re pleased to note that significant progress has been made, with maintenance works being delivered to a high standard, and residents will be experiencing the benefit around residential areas of the ward.”

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