Bracknell Liberal Democrats would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who came out to vote for us at the 2023 borough, town and parish council elections. With your help we have returned seven new Liberal Democrat councillors to Bracknell Forest Council. At town/parish council level Bracknell Forest residents also elected six new Liberal Democrat councillors to Sandhurst Town Council and one new Liberal Democrat councillor to Crowthorne Parish Council.

We are simultaneously honoured and humbled by these results, and the trust local residents have placed in our team. We are incredibly excited for the next four years and take seriously the new responsibilities upon us.

Bracknell Forest residents have spoken clearly: This year you wanted change throughout Bracknell, Crowthorne, Sandhurst and the surrounding villages, and you’ve made that a reality through the ballot box in these elections.

As many local residents will be aware, the 2023 local election results represent the largest shakeup of Bracknell Forest Council in a generation. Not only have more Liberal Democrat councillors have been elected in Bracknell in 2023 than at any point in the borough’s history, this is also the first time the Conservatives have not held a majority on Bracknell Forest Council since it’s formation as a unitary authority in 1997. Furthermore, across all parties a total of 28 councillors (more than two thirds of the council) are newly elected to the role this year.

Your new Liberal Democrat Councillors in Sandhurst, Crowthorne, Swinley Forest and Owlsmoor & College Town are committed to serving our local residents and standing up for the issues that matter to you. Please get in touch if there is a local issue we can assist you with.

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