You may be surprised to find that Bracknell Forest Council has invested millions of pounds as part of its Commercial Investment Strategy into properties in Lincoln, Sheffield, Stowmarket and Eastleigh rather than investing that money into our Community.

We understand the need for Council’s to invest in commercial endeavours, to counteract the deep and controversial cuts being imposed by the current Conservative government. We however as Liberal Democrats believe that investing this money in our community is both practical and morally the right thing to do.

Through direct investment within Bracknell Forest, we can provide a major boost to the local economy, generating local jobs, providing opportunities for young people across this borough and providing much needed improvement to our local infrastructure. We believe that Bracknell Forest and the communities that make up our borough are a fantastic place to invest.

This is not however the path of Bracknell Forest’s Conservative administration, which has chosen to ignore the demands of our community and pour money into other areas of the country. We demand better for local residents, and that the Council refocuses its investments and resources into Bracknell Forest.

We believe the Council should always look to invest in our community first before investing vast sums of money elsewhere in the country. The people of Bracknell Forest deserve thriving public spaces with good local facilities and this investment would help to rejuvenate shopping centres such as Easthampstead, Sandhurst and Wildridings.

We must ensure that our neighbourhoods are not left behind in the regeneration of our towns and neighbouring communities. If you agree and you want to see more investment in our community, vote Liberal Democrat on 2 May 2019.

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