Katie presenting to sixth formers at Edgbarrow School

Bracknell Liberal Democrats unveiled their candidate for the upcoming Westminster election, Katie Mansfield, during a presentation to sixth formers at Edgbarrow School on Friday 9th February. With a wealth of experience as a councillor and campaigner, Katie aims to amplify the Liberal Democrats’ success in Blue Wall constituencies and transform Bracknell into a stronghold for progressive values.

Reflecting on the urgent need for change, Katie emphasized the crucial role of the Liberal Democrats in addressing pressing issues facing the nation. “Our country needs Liberal Democrats now more than ever,” she remarked. “We’ve endured a series of Tory governments that have prioritised profit over the needs of ordinary people, driving up the cost of living, polluting our rivers and lengthening NHS waiting lists.”

Here in Bracknell, Katie highlighted concerning trends, including a projected £3.1 million reduction in school spending power, increased sewage in the Cut and the Blackwater, and an NHS waiting list exceeding 30,000 for the Berkshire NHS Trust. “This is simply not acceptable,” Katie asserted. “Bracknell deserves better, and I am honoured to have been selected as the prospective parliamentary candidate to champion the change we all deserve.”

As a mother of three with a diverse background, Katie brings a unique perspective to the political arena. Growing up in Ireland, she holds a psychology and maths degree from University College Cork. She worked for a period as an aid worker in post-genocide Rwanda before embarking on a career in marketing. Since 2018, she has served as a local councillor in Richmond-upon-Thames, where she has advocated for an integrated approach to transport, tackled violence against women and girls, and confronted Thames Water’s record on sewage.

“I am deeply committed to fighting for the interests of Bracknell residents and ensuring a fair deal for all,” Katie continued. “Together, we can build a brighter, more inclusive future for our community and our country.”

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