The Bracknell Forest Council Liberal Democrat Group will this evening (13 September 2023) be supporting a cross-party motion to declare a climate emergency.

Liberal Democrat Group Leader, Councillor Michael Forster, says:

“For several decades too many politicians have been asleep at the wheel, responding with nothing but apathy to the looming crisis of global warming induced climate change.

During our time in the coalition government Liberal Democrat parliamentarians pushed hard for progressive policies and legislation to reduce carbon emissions and protect our environment. Unfortunately, during subsequent years, consecutive Conservative administrations have often talked the talk but failed to walk the walk when it comes to prioritising environmental policy.

The consensus opinion of the scientific community is indisputable; climate change is real, it is a consequence of man-made global warming, and it is already having devastating environmental impacts with significant ecological, sociological and economic consequences. Nothing can be more important than doing all that we can to halt and reverse this damage, safeguarding our vulnerable planet for future generations.

We are incredibly grateful to the Leader of the Council, Councillor Temperton, and Green Party Member, Councillor Haffegee, for bringing this cross-party motion to the Council, recognising that we are now facing a climate and biodiversity emergency and ensuring a sustainable and responsible approach to the environment becomes a central consideration to all of the Council’s activities going forward.  We offer them our full support.

Our only disappointment is that the Council procedures only allow for a single mover and seconder of motions to Council, meaning that more members could not put our names to this motion when it was submitted. We believe that residents have a right to know exactly where their representatives stand on this extremely important issue, which is why we will be moving to request a recorded vote this evening.”

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