Residents near Wildridings shops said that they had tried to contact the Council about the missing street sign at the end of Bishopdale but with no luck. Residents in Malham Fell and Threshfield also told us that their street signs had been damaged or stolen.


Based on this feedback received through our Residents’ Survey and knocking on doors in the area, Thomas has contacted the Council on your behalf and raised this issue. We have also confirmed that each instance has been logged by the Council for repair. After almost a month with no response despite constant chasing from the Bracknell Lib Dem team, the Council batted the responsibility for the Bishopdale sign to Bracknell Forest Homes, therefore we have raised this issue on your behalf with them too to ensure this gets resolved.

Update: On 6 May 2018 we have checked and the street signs in Threshfield and Malham Fell has been fixed as a result of our report.

Here are the references with Bracknell Forest Council if you would like to chase up these issues (we will be doing this too!)

* Threshfield and Malham Fell: BFC73863676 (Reported 25 April 2018)
* Bishopdale: BFC72431430 (Reported to Bracknell Forest Council 9 April 2018, Bracknell Forest Homes 3 May 2018)

Issues like these may seem small, but there’s no shame in taking pride in your area and wanting your street to look clean, tidy and had adequate signage, especially for folks trying to find a friend / delivery drivers trying to access the street. If you have a local issue and would like to let us know about it. Please get in touch with you local campaigner by visiting Our Team or email us through

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