Residents who live in the streets along Downshire Way (Leverkusen Rd, Old Bracknell Lane West etc), the Fire Authority and the Ambulance Service are unhappy that Downshire Way is going to be converted into a dual carriageway (after being rejected once before). The major reason for this feeling of frustration amongst residents is that Bracknell Forest Council, in order to obtain government grant money, skipped over the full residential consultation that you would expect to see happen with works of this scale.


Based on residents initial concerns, we sent a letter to Highways England in order to clarify some of the issues that are of major concerns to the local residents. Highways England have said that this is the responsibility of the local Council and therefore we’re going to launch a campaign in order to give local people a proper voice on Downshire Way.

We are preparing a letter to the Executive Member for Planning & Transport on Bracknell Forest Council and working with the Residents of Old Bracknell West in order to demand that the Council listens to residents concerns and put this to a proper consultation. We’re also demanding that the Council answers a very basic set of questions in order to provide clarity to all of the residents who live in the streets that run along Downshire Way.


Noise: Noise generated both as a result of the works and the added noise from the dual carriageway.
Environmental: Concerns regarding litter during the works, concerns about air quality and pollution once the works have been completed.
No Consultation: So far residents have been shut out of the conversation regarding the Downshire Way works.
Fire Authority and Ambulance Service: The change to a dual carriageway will bring increase complexity to the standard emergency vehicle launch procedure as these facilities are based on the Downshire Way. Previously plans were rejected due to concerns that these authorities would not be able to serve Bracknell in line with their statutory obligations.

We have to ensure that resident’s voices are always at the heart of the conversation and that we are being reasonable and rational with Highways and allowing the floodgates to be released for traffic in our area. If you have a local issue and would like to let us know about it. Please get in touch with you local campaigner by visiting Our Team or email us through

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