Residents in Easthampstead told us that they were frustrated with the amount of litter being left around St. Michael’s School and the local shops in Easthampstead. Residents who live along Downshire Way said they were disgusted with the state of the underpass and the banks on both sides of Downshire Way.


Based on this feedback received through our Residents’ Survey, local Wildridings and Central Bracknell Campaigners James Dunsmuir and Thomas Parker went out and picked up litter and recycling at Easthampstead Shops, Wildridings Community Centre, St Michael’s Church and School as part of the Great British Spring Clean. We take pride in our area and so we’re always happy to do something about the awful litter problem in the area.

Thomas took yours concerns to heart and performed a litter pick of the Downshire Way underpass and the banks, from Frog Ln all the way down to Leverkusen Road. A full bag of litter and a full bag of recycling was collected, with the Nursery and Day Centre car park even getting a little pick to protect the young kids from broken glass, crushed cans and other dangerous litter that was scattered around.


If elected into local Council, the Lib Dems would aim to put in place a ‘adopt your street’ scheme and widely publicise the scheme. Asking keen residents to sign up as volunteers so that we could provide them with the equipment to help look after their little corner of Bracknell and offer support and help to any residents who share our frustration with the amount of litter being left in public areas. We’d also wish to campaign to have a central recycling centre at Easthampstead Shops which takes all types of recycling, instead of the limited selection currently on offer to make it easier for residents and the dustmen to collect.

If you have a local issue and would like to let us know about it. Please get in touch with you local campaigner by visiting Our Team or email us through

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