In our borough, there are thousands of residents who find their origins in a country within the European Union. We’ve been out speaking to these residents to reinforce our commitment to guaranteeing the rights of these individuals. It’s important in the chaos of Brexit and the rhetoric that gets fired around from both sides that we do not forget that we’re talking about something with a major impact on people’s lives.

You can read our commitment below:


Your voice is important. Since the 7th of May 2015, EU Nationals have witnessed 3 major decisions without their voices being heard, the 2015 and 2017 General Elections and the EU Referendum. These important decisions have left many EU Nationals with a sense of uncertainty about their future in this country. An uncertainty that has been compounded by recent events regarding the Windrush generation of Caribbean immigrants. Local elections are your chance to speak. Every EU National living in the UK is entitled to vote. This includes you! It is your opportunity to have your say on what matters to you and your family.


Liberal Democrats believe that those who have built their lives here, brought up their families here, and made the UK their home, deserve certainty and security about their future. Therefore, not only are we leading the charge with our “Exit from Brexit” campaign, but we also continue the fight to gain equality for all. We are campaigning for enhanced protections for employment, equality, health and safety entitlements, rights and protections for non-UK citizens that was passed in the House of Lords, but we are also fighting to give the British public the final say on the Brexit deal. It is vitally important to us that equality and diversity drive our democracy. We want you to have your say and help us in this goal. 

Every EU National living in this country can make themselves heard by voting in local elections. All you need to do is register to vote and then vote in the way that you see fit. Local issues affect everyone regardless of nationality, religious views or political affiliation. We need a council that works for all, a council that is a true representation of its constituents, a council that listens.


Bracknell Liberal Democrats listen. As a direct consequence of listening to the concerns of the residents of Wildridings and Central, we were able to hold Bracknell Forest Council to account. Issues include challenging their decision on street lighting, the planned roadworks on Downshire Way and, we are active in cleaning up the litter that blights our communities.

A vote for the Liberal Democrats in local elections is an opportunity to demonstrate your support for the party which has always stood up for the rights of EU Citizens in the UK.

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